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What being an EMT taught me

May 2018 | Eric Sandman, Esq.
I became a New York State-certified EMT in 2001, and served as a member of a number of volunteer ambulance companies and fire departments from 2001 to 2009. During that time, I responded to emergency calls of all types ranging from motor vehicle accidents to cardiac arrests. At the same time, I was attending law school and studying for the New York State bar examination.

I found it extremely rewarding helping those in need and knew that I had to focus my legal career within the medical field after becoming an attorney. Upon arriving at the scene of an EMS call, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. It’s important to remember your protocols and assess the situation in order to prioritize the treatment for your patient. Remaining calm is important to ensure your patient receives the proper care and attention he or she deserves.

Since the medical field is always evolving, you must stay current on your knowledge and skills. In New York State, emergency medical providers are required to participate in continuing education. This ensures that all providers are up-to-date on the latest protocols and are also refreshed on the basics.

There are many different scenarios that an EMT may encounter when arriving on scene of a medical emergency. It is not always possible to be prepared for them all; however, with the proper training and education, a resourceful EMT will be able to adapt and respond appropriately.

The representation of a personal injury client involves many different areas of law, and the handling attorney must be well versed in them all. This is why continuing legal education plays such an important role in staying up-to-date with the always changing world of personal injury. I knew from my time in EMS that continuing education would be paramount to representing injured clients.

The attorneys here at Feldman, Kramer & Monaco take pride in staying up-to-date on the latest changes in state law as well as being refreshed on the basics through continuing legal education. Staying current on changes in law and policy ensure that our clients receive the proper representation that they deserve.

During my time in EMS, I was afforded the opportunity to experience emergency medicine from an aspect that many attorneys never see. Understanding the proper way to prepare a pre-hospital care report and practicing the medicine behind particular injuries strengthened my comprehension of representing injured clients.

Encountering patients during their time in need and experiencing the emergency medicine first-hand assisted in developing a sense of compassion and empathy that I try to convey to my clients when discussing their legal issues. I always try and remember my time in EMS when meeting a new client and hearing about their medical issues.

There is no substitute for the experience that comes along with being responsible for an unresponsive patient lying on the side of a road as a 20-year-old EMT. The capability to adapt and respond appropriately was an asset I learned early on in my EMT career. Now, as an attorney, I try to carry those same lessons over to my legal career when dealing with clients. I am grateful for my EMS experience and the valuable lessons that it provided.