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Civil Litigation

With all clients, FK&M emphasizes early and responsive communication about the facts and legal issues of a case.  FK&M strives to handle cases realistically and utilize alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and arbitration when practicable.  But, if trial is in the best interest of the client, FK&M has a well-known presence in the trial courts.  FK&M attorneys also employ firm resources, including attorney round-table case evaluation when appropriate, paralegals, trained support staff, and electronic case presentation equipment.
While many of the firm’s attorneys specialize in specific types of civil litigation, the firm and its attorneys hold a unique level of flexibility that enables them to litigate many types of cases, including cases dealing with the following issues:
Attorney and Client Disputes;
Bills and Notes;
Business Torts, including Fraud and Tortious Interference Claims;
Cases against Common Carriers;
Contract Disputes;
Debtor and Creditor Disputes;
Declaratory Judgment Actions;
Indemnity Suits;
Libel, Defamation and Slander Suits;
Liens Enforcement;
Malicious Prosecution;
Negotiable Instruments;
Property Disputes;
Will Contests and Disputes; and
Zoning and Planning Disputes.