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Many of us have received traffic citations and simply sent in the fine and plead guilty.  Frequently, this is the most expeditious way to deal with a ticket.  However, you are unique because you have unlimited access to FREE legal advice.  If you receive a traffic citation you should call us for advice.  We may be able to defend you at reduced or no cost depending upon what coverage you have in your legal plan.  Even if you know you are guilty of committing the traffic infraction we may be able to defend you.  Sometimes a police officer will not follow required procedures and that may be the basis for your defense.
There are many misconceptions regarding law enforcement and traffic matters.  Everyone you know considers themselves to be experts.  Don’t listen to any of them!  Call us to get proper advice before you make a mistake that can have irreversible consequences.
Your driving privileges can be revoked by the State if you are convicted of various infractions.  This revocation will undoubtedly negatively impact your ability to pursue your livelihood.  A license revocation must be treated as a life altering event.  You must get proper legal advice at the earliest stages, as soon as you receive summonses that are license threatening.
If you are involved in a collision with another vehicle the police may issue traffic citations to one or more of the vehicles.  In this situation it is even more important to receive legal counsel before any action is taken regarding the traffic citations.  If you plead guilty to a citation that can be used as evidence in any future civil or criminal trial.
If you are in an accident New York State law requires the following:
  1. Stop and exchange information with the other driver.
  2. If damage to vehicle or people exceeds $1,000.00 you must file a report with Department of Motor Vehicles (MV-104) within 10 days of incident. We urge you to seek legal advice prior to filing a MV-104.
  3. If there is clearly an injury to anyone the police must be called to the scene.  You are not permitted to leave the scene if someone is injured until the police arrive.
  4. You are required to answer the police questions if you are not hurt.  Remember, anything you say may appear in the police report so be careful about making any admissions regarding the cause of the accident.
  5. Notify our office immediately regarding your accident.  It is advisable to discuss the facts with us prior to calling your insurance carrier.