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Immigration Law

Our office understands the stress and anxiety that residents go through when met with immigration concerns.  Our immigration team works with you as both an attorney and a counselor.  We will guide you and provide you options that will make you feel more confident and ease your worries.

We handle a wide variety of issues that pertain to immigrant and non-immigrant visas.  That includes business matters as well as obtaining working permits.  Our staff is also qualified to prepare all applications for Adjustment of Status and visa proceedings, which are all critical in obtaining Lawful Permanent Residency.

Our immigration attorneys are well versed to handle matters before the Immigration Court.  Those cases include deportation and removal.  Our knowledge of the appropriate defenses and waivers will be an asset when we defend our members.

Our immigration team has dealt with all forms and phases of naturalization.  As such, they will be instrumental in seeing that American Citizenship can be obtained in the most precise manner.